Thursday, January 19, 2012

henry's secret wish list, item #4

We love having Henry here and integrating him into our pack of 3 has been a great training opportunity for all involved (humans included!). We have tried to keep in mind that his forever family may not do things exactly the way we do. Therefore, we have been sure to set rules & boundaries and set him up for success in his forever home.

 Henry has yet to cross the threshold of our front door. Each door in our house signifies something to the dogs and it was important to us that Henry never look at the front door as a chance to play the game 'escape'. The backdoor is the gateway to the sunbathing, squeaky toys, and the restroom. The bedroom door is the gateway to goodnight kisses and a bed of his own. The front door, to Henry, is simply a part of the wall. 

While we've succeeded in taking the allure out of a front door breakaway, there is one door in the house that Henry ranks high above all others. The garage door is where foster dad comes home from work. The garage door is where the food bowls refill themselves twice a day.. The garage door is the key to car rides, garage time, and all the yummy treats still in bags.

In deciding on the #4 thing on his list, Henry debated for a long time between garage time with foster dad and car rides. Garage time with foster dad is where Henry gets to do all his manly things. He inspects the tools foster dad is using, knocks the flashlight over when foster dad is trying to see, and warms foster mom's feet while she also inspects foster dad's work.  

Ultimately Henry decided that since car rides originate in the garage, picking car rides combines two of his favorite things. So here it is, #4 on Henry's forever family wish list.

#4. Car rides. I looooove car rides. It doesn't matter the size of the car or the amount of room I have. I like 'em all! My favorite thing is to stick my head out the window. There are lots and lots of people who ride motorcycles here in Temecula. I usually feel the need to protect my people when a motorcycle drives by and we're walking. But when I'm in the car, nothing can bother me! & the men on those motorcycles, well, they smile the biggest when they see my head sticking out of the window.

doing what I do best
 I'm SO good in the car. It can take me a minute to figure out how to fit. I'm apparently on the "bigger" side of the spectrum. I've lost a TON of fatty weight since I've been in foster care, but since I've added muscle we think I'm about the same weight. Foster dad & I keep plotting, during our garage time, to talk foster mom into a tougher-looking car. I need a window that matches how tough I look.
soaking in the sun
 She hasn't gone for it yet. She says most of the time, I look more goofy than tough. Nice try.
i just can't help but grin!

Even though I am on the big side, I do a great job finding a comfortable place to sit. It just takes me a minute. Usually I lay down after awhile of window time.

stretching it out
could we think about a full-size least?
found my spot!

Henry absolutely loves car rides. He has been fine with his calm foster siblings coming along to share in the ride. He is a joy to chauffeur around and seems to bring a lot of joy to the people who spot his big lug of a head hanging out the window. A picture's worth 1000 words - Henry was made to stick his nose out the window of a car and take in the sights of the outside world.

i'm one sharp looking dude.

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