Wednesday, January 18, 2012

henry's secret wish list, item #3

Happy midweek! We have a million pictures of snuggly Henry, sleepy Henry, happy Henry bouncing around first thing in the morning, but our absolute favorite thing is playful Henry. His grin from ear to ear, the way he holds his head when carrying his favorite toy, and his cat-like tail twitch make us melt. So on this 3rd day of Henry's wish list week, he has a very special request.

#3. I would like a home with toys. I LOVE toys. It may take me a minute to warm up to you, or to want to romp with you around the house. But a fun toy with a small squeaker, a nylabone to give a good chew, or a tennis ball to chew on like most people chew on gum will really make my day. I love soft chew toys, but more like to walk around my foster siblings with it in my mouth. I would rather show it off, then actually play with it. But once I get to know you, I like to dig right in!

toy time!

it's like bubble gum!

my only advice for you Pup? Run!!!
my soft toy, not yours
pick on someone your own size!

&& how do my foster siblings do with new toys around the house?

JD sulks if he doesn't like any of them.

we all chew them in the sunshine

kylie can't stop grinning!

&& unfortunately, pup usually wins when we play tug-of-war.

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