Monday, February 27, 2012

How's Henry?

Checking in with our favorite foster :)

Henry has transitioned to his new foster's home. When foster dad J & I first contacted Forte Animal Rescue, it was with the understanding that we could only foster until the end of January. We loved our time spent with Henry and feel blessed to have met the great people at Forte. 

We're looking forward to being involved and updating you all (+ potential adopters) on the coming and goings of Henry. Please check out the great video below and feel free to share with any of your friends / colleagues!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

henry's secret wish list, item #4

We love having Henry here and integrating him into our pack of 3 has been a great training opportunity for all involved (humans included!). We have tried to keep in mind that his forever family may not do things exactly the way we do. Therefore, we have been sure to set rules & boundaries and set him up for success in his forever home.

 Henry has yet to cross the threshold of our front door. Each door in our house signifies something to the dogs and it was important to us that Henry never look at the front door as a chance to play the game 'escape'. The backdoor is the gateway to the sunbathing, squeaky toys, and the restroom. The bedroom door is the gateway to goodnight kisses and a bed of his own. The front door, to Henry, is simply a part of the wall. 

While we've succeeded in taking the allure out of a front door breakaway, there is one door in the house that Henry ranks high above all others. The garage door is where foster dad comes home from work. The garage door is where the food bowls refill themselves twice a day.. The garage door is the key to car rides, garage time, and all the yummy treats still in bags.

In deciding on the #4 thing on his list, Henry debated for a long time between garage time with foster dad and car rides. Garage time with foster dad is where Henry gets to do all his manly things. He inspects the tools foster dad is using, knocks the flashlight over when foster dad is trying to see, and warms foster mom's feet while she also inspects foster dad's work.  

Ultimately Henry decided that since car rides originate in the garage, picking car rides combines two of his favorite things. So here it is, #4 on Henry's forever family wish list.

#4. Car rides. I looooove car rides. It doesn't matter the size of the car or the amount of room I have. I like 'em all! My favorite thing is to stick my head out the window. There are lots and lots of people who ride motorcycles here in Temecula. I usually feel the need to protect my people when a motorcycle drives by and we're walking. But when I'm in the car, nothing can bother me! & the men on those motorcycles, well, they smile the biggest when they see my head sticking out of the window.

doing what I do best
 I'm SO good in the car. It can take me a minute to figure out how to fit. I'm apparently on the "bigger" side of the spectrum. I've lost a TON of fatty weight since I've been in foster care, but since I've added muscle we think I'm about the same weight. Foster dad & I keep plotting, during our garage time, to talk foster mom into a tougher-looking car. I need a window that matches how tough I look.
soaking in the sun
 She hasn't gone for it yet. She says most of the time, I look more goofy than tough. Nice try.
i just can't help but grin!

Even though I am on the big side, I do a great job finding a comfortable place to sit. It just takes me a minute. Usually I lay down after awhile of window time.

stretching it out
could we think about a full-size least?
found my spot!

Henry absolutely loves car rides. He has been fine with his calm foster siblings coming along to share in the ride. He is a joy to chauffeur around and seems to bring a lot of joy to the people who spot his big lug of a head hanging out the window. A picture's worth 1000 words - Henry was made to stick his nose out the window of a car and take in the sights of the outside world.

i'm one sharp looking dude.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

henry's secret wish list, item #3

Happy midweek! We have a million pictures of snuggly Henry, sleepy Henry, happy Henry bouncing around first thing in the morning, but our absolute favorite thing is playful Henry. His grin from ear to ear, the way he holds his head when carrying his favorite toy, and his cat-like tail twitch make us melt. So on this 3rd day of Henry's wish list week, he has a very special request.

#3. I would like a home with toys. I LOVE toys. It may take me a minute to warm up to you, or to want to romp with you around the house. But a fun toy with a small squeaker, a nylabone to give a good chew, or a tennis ball to chew on like most people chew on gum will really make my day. I love soft chew toys, but more like to walk around my foster siblings with it in my mouth. I would rather show it off, then actually play with it. But once I get to know you, I like to dig right in!

toy time!

it's like bubble gum!

my only advice for you Pup? Run!!!
my soft toy, not yours
pick on someone your own size!

&& how do my foster siblings do with new toys around the house?

JD sulks if he doesn't like any of them.

we all chew them in the sunshine

kylie can't stop grinning!

&& unfortunately, pup usually wins when we play tug-of-war.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

henry's secret wish list, item #2

In keeping with this week's theme, we've thought long and hard about what Henry's ideal wish list would look like. Does he want a home in the suburbs with a yard? A town house on the beach? A country estate with acreage as far as the eye can see? 

In true Henry form, all of the above share one discerning factor. The second item on Henry's wish list is:

#2 -  A home with fresh air. Some place where I can stick this giant head out the window and sniff the morning sun. With a coat like mine, a cool breeze is always nice. At my foster house, I'm usually the first dog out the door and the last to come in. Sometimes, I just like to lounge in the cool, fresh air. You know those days where the air is cool, but the sun is warm? Those are my favorite. 

yes, I rock the fuzzy ear muffs.
face scratch in the sunshine. perfect.
Based on the last 5 weeks with Henry, we can 100% say this boy will be happy wherever he lands. Whether it be fresh air on a walk, time spent laying in the yard, or a large estate where he can roam, Henry won't be far from your side. He's content to nap outside in the sun, soak up the fresh air on a walk, or lay quietly on the floor soaking up a patch of sunlight after his bath.

Oh! & a face scratch to go with that fresh air!

Monday, January 16, 2012

henry's secret wish list, item #1

Although he was with us over the holidays, Henry didn't fill out a letter to Santa. He was much too busy checking out the kids' new beds, exchanging kisses with ms. kylie over the crate, and herding all his foster siblings, human and canine, toward foster mom + dad for some group hugs.

If he had found the time, as busy dogs tend to forget to do, his wish list would have talked about his ideal family. This week, we'll feature Henry's Wish List.

1. A sibling. Human or canine. If human, preferably one who will rub my belly, tell me I'm a tough dog, and not make fun of my cat-like tail twitches.
See my foster sister with the balloon? & my foster brother's foot?

Yeah, I'm pretty fond of these guys.
If a canine sibling, one that is laid-back. I'm good with boys and girls! 

My little foster brother Pup. He was a rescue & just seems to 'get' me.
If they're not laid-back **ahem, foster sister Kylie, ahem** then just slowly let us get acquainted through some baby gates. We'll be playing kissy-face in no time.

She's just so pretty...
Here I am, with all my current canine foster siblings. I'm the only one not begging for a treat!

We tried for a group shot, but it was harder than it looks. From left to right: I look regal (as always). Kylie is very intent on foster dad's treat. Pup is sitting on JD (he's always sitting on someone). And JD is grumbling about being woken up from his nap. I try to grumble like him, but I just get laughed at.

With as much as I love my foster siblings - canine & human - if I end up as an only child, I'll think I'll be just fine with that. How else can we afford the latest trends in fuzzy ear warmers?

I mean, more toys for just me, right?
stay tuned for tomorrow: henry's wish list, item #2

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

it'll be our secret.

Happy New Year Henry! Since Henry was found tied to that post, he has been a well-loved dog. But without a family to call his own, a permanent place to rest his head, and some loving siblings - human or canine - he was getting grumpy. He needed some stability to soothe those old injuries, both on the inside and outside.

His first adoption event with us, he was the perfect gentleman. As we walked back to the car afterward, he continued to try to turn us around and head back to the pet supply shop. The people at the rescue - all the volunteers who loved on him, fed him, and brushed him - those were his people. 

With the break between adoption events, we set out to find the key to Henry's heart. We are not his forever people, but a pit stop on his road to his forever home. Doesn't stop us from treating him like one of our own - for these moments, he is.

No one can say, with a straight face, that dogs at our house aren't spoiled. Luckily, Henry fits right in at this house. He has a very regal air about him. With soft toys, flavored chews, and a new bed just for him, we hoped to find the key.

King Henry
We tried, in the past, not letting dogs on the couch ... that lasted but a few moments. We tried not letting dogs in our bed ... that HAS lasted, but they still sneak on during the day.

foster sister kylie, teaching Henry bad behavior
Still far from admitting failure, we tried to keep Henry on his bed instead of the couch. Perhaps his forever family doesn't want dog hair on the couch! After the holidays, with foster dad back at work and foster mom confined to the office upstairs for eight hours a day, Henry decided to find his own way to tell us the key to his heart.

I had my suspicions, so before heading upstairs I laid a fleece blanket over the ottoman. Just don't tell foster dad. Sure enough, on my lunch...

shhhhh, i'm sleeeeeppp ... zzzzzzzz....

The ever-adoptable, always charming, completely house broken Henry can be yours for the small price of a seat on the couch. Just make a little room for him & you'll find the rest of his personality shines through.