Tuesday, January 3, 2012

it'll be our secret.

Happy New Year Henry! Since Henry was found tied to that post, he has been a well-loved dog. But without a family to call his own, a permanent place to rest his head, and some loving siblings - human or canine - he was getting grumpy. He needed some stability to soothe those old injuries, both on the inside and outside.

His first adoption event with us, he was the perfect gentleman. As we walked back to the car afterward, he continued to try to turn us around and head back to the pet supply shop. The people at the rescue - all the volunteers who loved on him, fed him, and brushed him - those were his people. 

With the break between adoption events, we set out to find the key to Henry's heart. We are not his forever people, but a pit stop on his road to his forever home. Doesn't stop us from treating him like one of our own - for these moments, he is.

No one can say, with a straight face, that dogs at our house aren't spoiled. Luckily, Henry fits right in at this house. He has a very regal air about him. With soft toys, flavored chews, and a new bed just for him, we hoped to find the key.

King Henry
We tried, in the past, not letting dogs on the couch ... that lasted but a few moments. We tried not letting dogs in our bed ... that HAS lasted, but they still sneak on during the day.

foster sister kylie, teaching Henry bad behavior
Still far from admitting failure, we tried to keep Henry on his bed instead of the couch. Perhaps his forever family doesn't want dog hair on the couch! After the holidays, with foster dad back at work and foster mom confined to the office upstairs for eight hours a day, Henry decided to find his own way to tell us the key to his heart.

I had my suspicions, so before heading upstairs I laid a fleece blanket over the ottoman. Just don't tell foster dad. Sure enough, on my lunch...

shhhhh, i'm sleeeeeppp ... zzzzzzzz....

The ever-adoptable, always charming, completely house broken Henry can be yours for the small price of a seat on the couch. Just make a little room for him & you'll find the rest of his personality shines through.

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