Tuesday, January 17, 2012

henry's secret wish list, item #2

In keeping with this week's theme, we've thought long and hard about what Henry's ideal wish list would look like. Does he want a home in the suburbs with a yard? A town house on the beach? A country estate with acreage as far as the eye can see? 

In true Henry form, all of the above share one discerning factor. The second item on Henry's wish list is:

#2 -  A home with fresh air. Some place where I can stick this giant head out the window and sniff the morning sun. With a coat like mine, a cool breeze is always nice. At my foster house, I'm usually the first dog out the door and the last to come in. Sometimes, I just like to lounge in the cool, fresh air. You know those days where the air is cool, but the sun is warm? Those are my favorite. 

yes, I rock the fuzzy ear muffs.
face scratch in the sunshine. perfect.
Based on the last 5 weeks with Henry, we can 100% say this boy will be happy wherever he lands. Whether it be fresh air on a walk, time spent laying in the yard, or a large estate where he can roam, Henry won't be far from your side. He's content to nap outside in the sun, soak up the fresh air on a walk, or lay quietly on the floor soaking up a patch of sunlight after his bath.

Oh! & a face scratch to go with that fresh air!

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